Workout Slider Gliding Disc


Build Your Core & AB Strength and improve Range of Motion & Stability with the ultimate Workout Slider Gliding Disc.

•ÈÀWant to achieve your fitness goals with simple yet effective workouts? Workout Slider Gliding Disc helps you to engage your entire core by using low impact workouts while improving balance, coordination, and flexibility. Our Workout Slider Gliding Disc is designed to provide your every move with every possible range. Explore almost any ranges of movement and compliment your strength routine!



  • ABUNDANT WORKOUTS: These sliding discs allow you to amp up any home workout routine and help you to build muscles. Put these gliding discs under your hands or feet and slide out and back in any direction to challenge your core in new and different ways. Also, you can use it under feet or knee to intensify push-ups, lunges, planks, and more.

  • HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL: Made of scratch-resistance PVC and high-quality fabric that won't scratch your floor. Each slider features thick foam padding to increase your comfort while working out. After using these for a few minutes, you can see how they will produce impressive results. Glides very quickly and works wonderfully!

  • WORKS ON HARDWOOD & CARPET: Whether you are at home, in the gym, or traveling, you can get a great workout with our dual-sided gliding discs. One side is with smooth and hard plastic for use on the carpet, on the other hand, is soft padded, for using on the hardwood flooring or tiles.

  • EFFECTIVE & FUN WORKOUT: This gliding disc provides a full range of motion to your muscles which is great for toning, flexibility and easy on your joints. Highly effective for core development. It reduces stress and adds so much fun to your daily workouts.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: These gliding discs are so lightweight and compact that you can take them wherever you travel. You can take them to the gym or keep it at home and still get an excellent home workout.åÊ