Jump Trainers


Add Various Levels of Resistance With Jump Trainers So You Can Develop Fast-twitch Muscle Fibers That Will Help You Jump Higher!

Body Weight exercises will only take you so far. At some point, you will hit a vertical jump plateau with bodyweight exercises because the amount of resistance is limited, and you will stop making gains. What do you do then? You can add strength with Jump Trainers to overload your muscles so that they can produce more force. So, let’s focus on exercises to increase our vertical with the Jump trainer.



  • INCREASE ABILITIES: This jump trainer increases muscular balance, vertical and horizontal leaping ability, helping you perform excellently in sports, increase lower body dynamic strength by adding resistance to drills and training workouts. It also improves posture and prevents injuries. You can play a very active role in basketball and volleyball training with this trainer.

  • MINIMUM EQUIPMENT: The vertical jump resistance bands take up minimum space. It can be thrown in a bag and taken anywhere to do workouts. It can be carried at home or in the gym.

  • ENHANCE WEIGHT WORKOUTS: Add the bands to your weight training exercises to bust through plateaus. You can have even more significant gains in your vertical jump training.

  • ADD RESISTANCE: The jump trainers provide resistance as you jump. Your muscles are going to have to do more work to overcome the resistance. Therefore your muscles become stronger and can produce more force. The more energy your muscles build, the higher you will be able to jump.

  • HIGHER JUMP: Easily add resistance to your jumping drills to build stronger & more powerful muscles that will help you jump higher without changing your program.

  • GREAT FLEXIBILITY: Adjustable belt fits most waist size. So, whatever your body size is, you can use this jump trainer.